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White House· Sold· Category: Artwork· Sub Category: Painting· Dimension: 31 x 31 - Inches· Total Units: 0

Often times in our part of the world. Most women are attacked verbally, physically and psychologically for how they look without paying respect to how that makes them feel " oh why are you soo slim? You are getting fat" "you look ugly" these and other utterances which may seem harmless have driven some women into stress related problems and others sought dangerous methods to look perfect. Here is a woman who knows her worth, is comfortable in herself and disregards negative energy concerning how she should look. Everyone is an artist of their world, it is left with one to see it and paint it how they want it to be.
Inner Peace Comes Through Knowing Who You Are And The Power You Possess.

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Oforiwaa Gyasi Ellen (nattygodessart)

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I am Oforiwaa Gyasi Ellen, I am a figurative self taught artist who paints on subjects that include, Culture, emotions, sensuality and self acceptance. As a sensual person myself, My figures are partially to fully naked but are completely comfortable in their skins. I give people the experience to feel the presence of strong women even in their most vulnerable selves. There is something liberating in seeing my works. Nudity is not an issue, body love is"