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We were deceived so we could be controlled. The day the white man visited Afrika with his Bible, we were made to kneel and close our eyes for prayers. By the time we opened our eyes, they had the land and we had the Bible. Ask yourself, how many of them believe as much as you?

Yah is a mountainous area in the Kingdom of Edom (southern Jordan), during the reigns of Pharaohs Amenophis III (1417-1379 BCE) and Ramses II (1279–1213 BCE). in ancient Egyptian topographical lists of about this same period there was a mountainous region with a similar name.

But roll 5 offers the earliest evidence of a particular divinity (Yahweh) being associated with that Edomite area. the deceased Omer of this papyrus was an acculturated foreigner( Caananite )who was prosperous enough, either personally or through his family, to receive a traditional Egyptian burial with a professionally produced Book of the Dead, filled with religious and magical text and colorful images to help guide and protect him in the Netherworld. 

the male papyrus owner was called Jtwnjr‘yh.

this proper name is very unusual and so far unparalleled. And it clearly points to a non-Egyptian origin, which is rather unexpected. According to Egyptologist thomas Schneider, it is a northwest Se- mitic (Canaanite) theophoric sentence name in Egyptian transcription which can tentatively be translated as “my lord is the shepherd of Yah.”


the papyrus known as Princeton Pharaonic roll 5 forms part of the extensive robert garrett collection at Princeton University library and was first unrolled in 1999.

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