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Vivacity Love


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In stock· New· Art Type: Artwork· Category: Pyrography· Genre: Contemporary Art· Medium: Wood burning (pyrography)· Techniques: Tonal values· Style: Conceptual Art· Skill: Professional· Dimension: 40 x 47 - Inches· Dispatch: 1–3 business days· Total Units: 1· Accra· Achimota· Ghana
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I drew this with fire. love is spiritually wonderful, grateful ,beautiful, fruitful love keep us together , where there is love there is peace, just imagine love , i mean genuine love beyond measure. with love that makes the hopeless becomes hopeful, because love heals the pain hearted and and give strength to the weak mind. love has been the most powerful medicine i have come across. and with vivacity love, represent the love we must have for each other, how we must make people feel especial around us. vivacity love represent how we must not take it difficult to share our love with others. if you love me show me, tell me , let me feel it ,. don wait for me to die before you spread it to my dead body which can feel it and see it. this peace is to encourage love in many diversity, between families, friends, neighbors and the other opposite sex attraction which we express to whom we are able to. if you love someone you won back bite them, you won wish them back. brthis piece is to explicate how we must let love leads us in what ever we do. stand for love dont hate.

Artist Name
Junior Justice

Artist Statement
the word pyrography means writing with fire. many people refers to pyrography as wood burning. but I have practically create my style to approach pyrography whereby I use fire and blade to form art on wood and heavy chipboard in burnt marks. I want my art to awaken old memories and to tell African stories to educate motivate elevate inculcate to the born and unborn. I want my art give power to empower the powerless mind who lacks power to speak about sensitive issues in the public domain. I mostly adopt the past presents and Future in the African contemporary vicinity to tell and create stories in many diversity which I want it to continue to teach generation to generation us I connect them to nature beyond imagination.

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