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In stock· New· Art Type: Artwork· Category: Pyrography· Genre: Realism· Medium: Wood burning (pyrography)· Techniques: Blending· Style: Conceptual Art· Skill: Professional· Dimension: 32 x 42 - Inches· Dispatch: 1 business day· Total Units: 1· Lagos· Lagos· Nigeria
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Work tittle: Idemili

The beauty u never saw lies in the things u feared most. Most times it takes courage to achieve great things cos they are always buried beneath our worst fear. Fear is an enemy of greatness cos great People are courageous people who knows and understood that even the serpent can become a necklace only if u take away fear.(idemili, the river that never runs dry).

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Artist Statement
my works are to express African philosophy in five branches which is logic,Aesthetic,metaphysics, ethics,and epistemology using pyrography drawing as a tool for communication.

Generally, my vision for my works is to convey messages which gives viewers the room to think beyond the physical understanding and views about the world to a metaphysical one which is to look deep into the world created in their hearts to give good moral justification and logically apply their thoughts and relate well with what is aesthetical about their views also. Art for me is not just for aesthetical purpose alone but all philosophical views

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Quality of artistic composition and overall design based on the theme.


Color and tone. Balance of image within its space.


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Overall, can the entire artwork be judged as a masterpiece?


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