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In stock· New· Art Type: Artwork· Category: Painting· Genre: Expressionism· Medium: Acrylic· Techniques: Impasto· Style: Abstract Expressionism· Skill: Professional· Dimension: 22 x 24 - Inches· Dispatch: 1–3 business days· Total Units: 1· Lagod· Puzzled· Nigeria
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This is a common experience that many people encounter at various points in their lives. It is a state of confusion or uncertainty, where one struggles to understand or make sense of a situation, problem, or information presented to them. This feeling arisesfrom encountering complex issues, conflicting emotions, or unexpected challenges.

This is both frustrating and intriguing. It challenges our thinking and pushes us to seek answers or solutions. It can also be a sign of growth and development, as grappling with new ideas or perspectives can expand our understanding and knowledge. is important to approach the situation with curiosity and an open mind. Asking questions, seeking clarification, and exploring different viewpoints , can help unravel the confusion and lead to a deeper understanding. It is also helpful to take a step back, breathe, and give yourself time to process the information before trying to find a resolution.

Ultimately, it is a natural part of the learning and problem-solving process. Embracing this feeling with patience and perseverance leading to new insights, solutions, and personal growth.

Artist Name
Ademola Sunday O

Artist Statement
My name is Ademola Sunday ,I’m a young contemporary artist, i majored in painting and explore different mediums to approach my painting style. I am graduate of Lagos state polytechnic and full-time Art practitioner at my studio in Lagos.
I am a Neo - expressionist , a figurative ,semi abstractic as well as a traditional artist ,i represent my images in an ambiguous approach with a touch of abstractions to examining life uncertainty as against linear expectations, I was Influenced by African cultural background and constant daily experiences of life in general- as seen from my immediate environment.
The theme of my works centres on Africanity and inter-personal travails and promoting traditional heritage (cultural)

I employs Acrylic and marker as my major medium—-with an inscripted patterned background symbolizing human daily travails, effort put together to survive in situations faces per time .

Expressionistic eyes symbolize innocence like that of a child, uncertainty, fears and expectations of getting the best regardless of life’s odds

Abstractive deploration suggests life opposite i.e a complete opposite of what was actually expected.

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