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In stock· Used· Art Type: Artwork· Category: Painting· Genre: Contemporary Art· Medium: Acrylic· Techniques: Layering· Style: Figurative· Skill: Professional· Dimension: 34 x 49 - Inches· Dispatch: 1–3 business days· Total Units: 1· Abuja· Federal Capital Territory· Nigeria
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Acrylic on canvas painting

Artist Name
Peter Eneji

Artist Statement
I am what I am, a diamond in the rough, I was in my past drowning who I could become in an ocean of errors, Left with no succor, drenched in the mire of regrets, My glory was my shame, my pain, my companion, a plague to a few, an impending eruption to the world around me, Lost in a trance, I must break away from this mental cage, reality is a myth, this facade, the reality I know. Lost in the moment, this haystack of confusion, A vague gleam, a daunting shimmer emerged, a moment of nostalgia cushioning my fears, I found a bud in this wasteland of despair, an oasis in this arid valley of dried bones. Birthing forth a great army of possibilities.

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