Redefining Social Media: Tribbbal Promotes Creativity and Positivity Away From Toxicity and Tribalism

This article discusses Tribbbal, a refreshing alternative to traditional social media platforms. Unlike platforms that often promote negativity and divisive content, Tribbbal offers a non-toxic space grounded in the African communal philosophy of Ubuntu. It fosters a positive environment.


Welcome to Tribbbal: The Non-Toxic Social Media Platform

Tribbbal is not just another social media platform. We are a sanctuary, a place where people can connect, collaborate, encourage, and enlighten. Unlike mainstream social media platforms that encourage tribalism, propagate pornography, instigate gender wars, and propagate controversial flags associated with political movements, Tribbbal remains a breath of fresh air.

What Makes Tribbbal Different?

Tribbbal is based on the ancient African communal philosophy of Ubuntu. This philosophy emphasizes humanness, the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity. In an age where people trash and degrade each other on social media platforms to feel superior, Tribbbal offers a platform where everyone can rise without pulling others down.

On Tribbbal, you do not need to lie or falsely gather followers to earn. At Tribbbal, you earn on every single post you make, whether your post garners likes or goes unnoticed. We prize every individual contribution, acknowledging the importance of every voice in our community.

Creatives are Welcome

Apart from providing a conversation hub for users, Tribbbal also supports and promotes creative arts. Music, painting, drama, literature, or any other form of visual and performing arts can find a home here. We believe in the power of the arts to create deeper human connections and thus furnish a platform for all creators to share their work.


Tribbbal offers a platform for both professional and budding musicians. Users can share, collaborate or just listen to refreshing sounds from around the world.


From abstract to classical, Tribbbal supports artists and their creations. Share your artwork, discuss, appreciate, or simply soak in the radiant colours of creativity on our platform.


Stories are the soul of humanity. Drama, be it screenplays or stage plays, find an eager and appreciative audience on Tribbbal.


Whether you are a novelist or a poet, a blogger or a journalist, your words will find warmth and respect on Tribbbal. Post your stories, essays, poems, travelogues, and let the world experience your gift of words.

Serene Experience

People are not on Tribbbal to sexualize themselves or other women; they are here for the real value and serenity Tribbbal brings. We invite you to step away from the noisy, often toxic landscape of other social media platforms. Join Tribbbal, and embrace the essence of social media based on Ubuntu: peaceful, supportive, and authentic.

Join the Tribe

Become a part of the Tribbbal family today. Experience the serenity of a non-toxic social media platform, steeped in the African communal philosophy, where everyone earns and everyone rises—without having to tear anyone down.

Sign Up Now

We look forward to welcoming you to Tribbbal, a realm of connectivity, creativity, and camaraderie. Discover what social media could and should be. Rediscover humanity, reclaim togetherness.

Olúládé Adéníyì

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