About triBBBal

TriBBBal is a social network and multimedia content distribution platform designed for the concentrated interest of the African diaspora to unite across the world and build a stronger financial ecosystem.

On triBBBal, the diaspora will have the ability to create a community that serves their own needs. Most importantly, this is a platform that allows us the ability to bridge the gap between generations and cultures. Providing a network where the flow of information and knowledge from our retired and working professional members can be accessible by the younger curious minds, would greatly improve our knowledge base and the financial economy and overall state of the African diaspora globally. TriBBBal is the perfect space to be a mentor, a big brother or sister, a father or mother figure, and an elder to someone seeking direction in life. The African diaspora does not have a numbers problem - we have an organization problem. A communication problem. An accountability problem.

On the triBBBal platform, we emphasize constant innovation, efficient administration, and excellent infrastructure. It is imperative that we, the users, hold each other accountable for our actions and behavior on the platform. Each member holds the responsibility to report any suspicious activity or member accounts, abuse, and divisive actions against other cultures from the diaspora. This social space is for positivity, unity, upliftment, learning, sharing, and progression toward a brighter future. Let’s focus on our similarities, instead of our differences. We can learn so much from each other’s cultures.

For the first year, only members from the African diaspora were able to join our social network community. Currently, members are able to nominate alliance members from other cultures who support black empowerment. This nomination begins July 27, 2021. Nominating members will be held accountable for alliance members’ actions on the platform.

It is imperative to change the narrative, which requires the concentrated attention of the African diaspora. Only WE hold the power to change our future.

On the triBBBal platform, we want your absolute best content…! Your Sunday best. You are descendants of kings and queens, conduct yourselves as such. We’re about quality, not quantity.

We encourage members to start a Tribe with the people in their life who water their soul. These are the people that uplift you, motivate you, encourage you, support and allow you to grow spiritually and financially. Grassroot marketing amongst your tribe is the best way to your brand and products advertised within our community.

Between the website and triBBBal apps, our network includes a menu of 42 tools and features to help grow your business.

Features Offered:

We offer a city guide Business Directory Index for entrepreneurs and professionals to list their services and find services at the click of a button.

We offer a city guide Artisan Directory for artists and craftsmen to develop and build a community amongst themselves.

We offer a city guide Restaurant Directory for black restaurant owners to list their businesses for the diaspora to find at a moment's notice.

We offer an Events feature for listing and monetizing public and private events happening in the community.

We offer a Job Posting platform for the diaspora to post openings in our communities and beyond.

We offer a platform for up-to-date Casting Calls tailored for the diaspora in Hollywood and beyond.

We offer a Dating feature for black love to find one another.

We offer a Diaspora News page for up-to-the-minute breaking news that affects the black diaspora anywhere in the world.

We offer a Real Estate platform so the diaspora can list rental properties and homes for sale in our communities.

We offer an AirB&B-like Room Reservation platform for posting and booking lodging when traveling.

We offer a Talent Discovery platform (which is a cash prize contest) for those with talent looking to be discovered.

Lastly, triBBBal is a company that promises to invest 50% of its yearly net profit back into the black communities and schools through its nonprofit.

We promise you with your support, we can effect change in this world!

There are four simple things you can do to get started:

1. Invite your friends from the African Diaspora that you feel would represent you well and bring something to the community: I have no doubt that you can build your own tribe of positive, forward-thinking, brilliant-minded, black excellence-seeking, loyal, trustworthy, and progressive kings and queens that represents the best of who you are. https://tribbbal.com/

2. Add Content: Members can get points for their activity and time spent on the network, and therefore, earn TriBBBal Royalty achievement status. The first 1 million users to earn these badges will share in a pool for 5% of TriBBBal's yearly net profit for life. You can only win for one user account. The name on your triBBBal account must match the name on an official government document.

3. Set up your profile: Set up your privacy settings. Upload your profile picture and cover page. You can also design your background with the design tool in Edit.

4. Download our App from the Apple and Android store. App available August 27, 2023.

For the full and best-viewing experience on the triBBBal platform, please use a desktop.

We reserve the right to delete any inactive or suspicious accounts that fail to build a tribe and progress the Diaspora.

Sincerely yours,


Tribbbal - A Social Network

Tribbbal - A Social Network

A secure social platform for us by us. Together we stand, divided we fall. UNITE with the DIASPORA across the world and BUILD YOUR TRIBE.