triBBBal Artist Spotlight: Unveiling the World of Impressionism through Oforiwaa's (Nattygoddessart) Paintings

In this article, we delve deeply into the artistic journey of an outstanding artist Oforiwaa. Our exploration also illuminates the rich source of creativity driving her unique artistry, revealing the profound extent of her imaginative skill. Additionally, we shed light on the driving force behind Oforiwaa's artistic pursuit, as well as the captivating themes and techniques she skillfully integrates into her works. By highlighting these aspects, we offer a thorough understanding of the remarkable impact this emerging artist makes in the art world.


Oforiwaa is a self-taught artist who creates stunning paintings using acrylic and fabric on canvas. Her work is characterized by its dreamlike quality, with vibrant colors and intricate details. Oforiwaa often draws inspiration from nature, mythology, and her own experiences.

One of the things that set Oforiwaa's work apart is her use of fabric. She often incorporates pieces of fabric into her paintings, creating a sense of texture and depth. This technique gives her work a unique and tactile quality.

Oforiwaa's paintings are often large-scale, and they can be quite immersive. When you look at one of her paintings, you feel like you're stepping into another world. Her work is full of magic and wonder, and it has the power to transport you to a different place.


Artist Bio:

Oforiwaa Gyasi Ellen is a Ghanaian female artist who was born and raised in Ghana. She currently resides in Pokuase, Accra. Oforiwaa had her college education at Pharmatrust Professional College from the year 2016 to 2018. Oforiwaa diverted into becoming a full-time artist when she discovered her love for painting and found her voice.

She is a talented self-taught artist who uses acrylic and fabric on canvas to create stunning impressionist portraits that celebrate body positivity among women.

Her figures are often partially or fully naked, with bold strokes that highlight the unique differences that make us all beautiful.

As a lover of nature and growth, Oforiwaa's favorite color is green, which she incorporates into her work to symbolize life, renewal, and vitality. She also adds a touch of home by including rich and beautiful patterns and prints of African fabric in her paintings.

Oforiwaa has had a couple of group exhibitions in Accra which features “Thisnobeart” held at Jamestown Coffee Roosters in Osu Accra (2021), Weekend Market thrift at Legon Mall (2022), and an exhibition hosted by Accra-fashion week (2022).  She is yet to have a residency program or a solo exhibition.

                                                                 A picture of oforiwaa Gyasi Ellen


Q and A with Oforiwaa

Q1. Can you share the story behind your artistic journey? What inspired you to pursue art as a career?

In my early years, I discovered my talent for drawing, often creating sketches and seeking feedback from others. The year 2020's lockdown reignited my passion for art unexpectedly. While not originally intended as a career, the positive feedback I received spurred me to further action. With each painting, my happiness grew, leading me on a continuous journey. As I produced more pieces, I found a distinct artistic voice. Recalling my past struggles with personal confidence due to unrealistic beauty standards, I aimed to challenge this narrative, particularly for women. My objective became clear – to convey a message of self-acceptance and authenticity. Through my artwork, I aspire to communicate with the world, highlighting the beauty inherent in all body forms.

Q2. What artistic style and techniques do you use in creating your artwork?

I use impressionism in figurative portraiture. Impressionism uses loose brushstrokes that offer the “bare impression” of form, meaning colors are not blended and seek to present an accurate visual of realistic light and color. Figurative portraiture represents the form of people but is not an exact representation.

Q3. What are your main sources of inspiration?

I am mostly inspired when I observe women authentically expressing themselves in various settings, such as beaches, public spaces, and even on social media. Genuine confidence, when exhibited, significantly captures my attention.

                                                                  A portrait of a plus size woman who exudes confidence

                                                                                                        Title: Bold

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Q4. Do you have a favorite piece or project that you've worked on? What makes it unique to you?

My favorite project is the series I'm currently working on, titled 'Heatwave of Confidence.' This series features women of different sizes, body shapes, and disabilities embracing their authentic selves at the beach. This holds personal significance as it challenges prejudice. It celebrates unwavering confidence regardless of appearances, capturing joyful moments and empowering poses.

Q5. Can you share any interesting stories about the inspiration behind a specific series of artworks?

One artwork from the "Heatwave of Confidence" series is titled 'Bold.' It portrays a plus-sized woman challenging conventional beauty norms by confidently enjoying the beach. Unfazed by societal expectations, she revels in capturing moments and amplifying her happiness. This piece draws inspiration from a real-life encounter. Another piece, 'Akosua Ketewa,' is dedicated to a petite friend exuding an enormous presence of self-assuredness. Her unshakable confidence makes her the focal point in any setting, transcending her imperfections. This creation finds its muse in her empowering energy.

                                                                    A petite lady with an elephant size confidence

                                                                                              Title: Akosua Ketewa                                                                                                            Click here to buy:


Q6. Can you describe a moment when you felt the most proud of your artistic achievements?

During my exhibition, a lady with a disability approached me. Despite losing both her hands and legs, she exuded remarkable confidence. Observing her navigate the world so comfortably uplifted me. She displayed no sense of hindrance. Her unwavering self-assuredness inspired me to depict her narrative in my art. I hoped that individuals resembling her would draw encouragement to break out of their shells from her displayed confidence. Another woman, who was plus-sized, identified with one of my paintings, remarking, 'That resembles me.' Witnessing her connection with my art reinforced my determination to persist, as her ability to relate boosted her self-confidence.

Q7. What role do you think art plays in society and what do you hope your art contributes or communicates to the wider world?

Art serves as a historical record of its era, safeguarding it for future generations. Additionally, it functions as a form of expression, enabling artists to communicate with their viewers. Through my work, I engage with individuals, encouraging self-assurance and delivering inspiration.

Q8. What can we expect to see from you in the coming months in terms of upcoming projects, collaborations, or exhibitions?

I currently have no immediate projects lined up. However, I aim to expand my audience and hold exhibitions, leveraging my ongoing efforts to refine my artistic style. Additionally, I'm nearing completion of the mentioned series.

                                                                   Imperfection is a state of the mind

                                                                               Title: Imperfection is a state of the mind                                                                                        Click here to buy:



Oforiwaa’s artistic journey is a testament to the power of creative expression. Through her remarkable talent, passion, and thought-provoking artworks, she continues to leave an indelible mark on the art world. This interview has provided a glimpse into the artistic process, inspirations, and aspirations of Oforiwaa, revealing the depth and significance of her contributions. As she continues to evolve and captivate audiences with her innovative creations, there is no doubt that Oforiwaa will remain an influential force in the realm of contemporary art.

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