triBBBal Artist Spotlight: Unveiling the Textured Depths of Loje’s Masterpieces

Loje Oluwaseun, a rising talent in the art world, brings a unique blend of semi-abstraction and impasto technique to her captivating works. Using thick, textured layers of paint, Loje creates pieces that blur the line between recognizable forms and evocative emotions.This article delves into Loje's artistic process, exploring how the impasto technique imbues her paintings with a dynamic physicality. We'll also unveil the world Loje builds on the canvas, a realm where the semi-abstract forms spark the viewer's imagination.Prepare to be drawn into the textured depths of Loje's art.


Loje Oluwaseun is a full-time studio artist based in Lagos, Nigeria. Loje's art captivatingly dances between form and feeling. This talented artist skillfully navigates between the suggestive and the substantial, employing the rich, textured technique of impasto to create semi-abstract works that spark the imagination. Let's delve into Loje's world, where brushstrokes become building blocks and color takes on a life of its own.

Artist Bio:

Loje Oluwaseun is an emerging female visual artist based in Lagos, Nigeria. Born in Ondo State and raised in Ketu, Lagos, Loje's artistic journey has been deeply rooted in her surroundings, drawing inspiration from daily life, cultural heritage, womanhood, and societal dynamics. Her art serves as a channel to evoke cherished memories and preserve traditional culture, often overlooked by many.

Attaining her Higher National Diploma degree in painting from Lagos State Polytechnic, Ikorodu, Loje refined her skills under the mentorship of Mr. Abdulsalam Abdulkereem during her industrial training at Abdulsalam Art Concept. Proficient in various mediums including acrylic, watercolor, and sawdust, she also specializes as a mural artist, adorning dansiki wears with her distinctive creations.

Residing and working as a dedicated studio artist in Lagos, Loje showcases her artworks on prominent platforms such as Eno Gallery, Twafafrica Online Art Gallery, Creatives Auction Online Art Gallery, and Affordable Art Online Gallery. Additionally, she collaborates with BZLcrew, a mural company based in the Kosofe area of Lagos, further expanding her artistic endeavors.

Actively engaged in the artistic community, Loje is a valued member of several collectives, including Sister's Art Group, Bohemian Enterprise, BZLcrew Group, Affordable Art Group, Abdulsalam Art Concept Group, Vivid Artist Group, and Eno Art Gallery Group. Her commitment to artistry and cultural preservation shines through her diverse body of work, enriching both local and global audiences alike.


Sister's Art Exhibition at Terra Kulture, Lagos 2019

Idesign Art Exhibition at Pyramid Gallery Ikoyi, Lagos 2020

Her Vim Exhibition by Kakaki Art Gallery 2021

Food and Art Festival at Elevation Church Ikoyi, Lagos 2022

Modhafest Online Exhibition 2022

Yoruba ni mi Online Exhibition by Yoruba Gallery, United Kingdom 2022

Fobally Art Exhibition at Sheraton Hotel, Lagos 2022

Art of Love Exhibition, The Art Hotel VI, Lagos 2023

Pancharothi International Art Online Exhibition Kaliki, India 2023


Q and A segment with Loje Oluwaseun

Q1. Can you tell us about yourself and your background as an artist?

Art has always held a special place in my heart since childhood. I began nurturing my creativity by sketching cartoons and crafting greeting cards with colorful markers. When it came time for higher education, I pursued studies in art and industrial design, although my father held initial reservations. Despite his efforts to dissuade me from pursuing art, I remained steadfast in my decision. Completing my National Diploma, I embarked on my industrial training, a journey fraught with challenges. However, my perseverance and passion fueled my progress. Through unwavering dedication, I have reached the point where I stand today.

Q2. What artistic style and techniques do you use in creating your artwork?

In my artwork, I predominantly employ a semi-abstract style, which allows me to blur the lines between representation and abstraction. This approach enables me to convey emotion, atmosphere, and the essence of my subjects in a unique and interpretive manner.

One of the distinctive techniques I incorporate into my paintings is impasto. By applying thick layers of paint onto the canvas, I create texture and depth, inviting the viewer to not only see but also feel the tactile quality of the artwork. This technique adds a dynamic dimension to my pieces, enhancing the visual impact and evoking a visceral response from the audience.

Through the fusion of semi-abstraction and impasto, I strive to capture the essence of my subjects while inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the expressive energy and texture of my creations. Each brushstroke becomes a deliberate expression of emotion and interpretation, resulting in artwork that is both visually captivating and emotionally resonant.

Q3. What are your main sources of inspiration?

My main sources of inspiration are deeply rooted in my environment. I immerse myself in the intricacies of everyday life, observing and studying the world around me. Womanhood, with its myriad facets and complexities, serves as a profound wellspring of inspiration, offering endless narratives to explore and express through my art. Additionally, I draw inspiration from the rich tapestry of cultural heritage. Social life provides fertile ground for exploration. Moreover, my personal life experiences serve as raw material for my artistic expression, infusing my work with authenticity and depth.


                                                                                             Title: Beautiful Scar

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Q4. How do you incorporate your personal experiences and emotions into your art?

As an artist, infusing personal experiences and emotions into my work is like weaving the fabric of my soul into every stroke of the brush or every line drawn. True colors that represent calm and serenity are the palette through which I express the tranquility within me. When I meditate and imagine, I delve deep into the realms of my emotions, allowing them to surface and guide my creative process making each piece a reflection of my inner world, a manifestation of the emotions that dance within me.

Q5. Do you have a favorite piece or project you've worked on?

My favorite project I worked on is titled is for the Infiltration Of The Blues Exhibition. This project was part of a group exhibition where the curator challenged us to explore the depths of a specific color: blue.

I submitted ten titles for consideration, and to my surprise, seven of them were selected for the exhibition. Working exclusively with shades of blue presented a unique challenge, but it also provided an opportunity for profound exploration and expression.

Throughout the creation process, I found myself drawing inspiration from the complexities of my own life at the time. Each stroke of paint was imbued with emotion and personal reflection, making the project a deeply cathartic experience. Despite the challenges and personal turmoil, I was facing, seeing the culmination of my efforts in the form of seven cohesive pieces was incredibly rewarding.

Q6. Can you share any interesting stories about the inspiration behind a specific series of artwork?

One of my favorite projects has to be the "Self-Appreciation" series. It is deeply personal and resonates with a universal truth: the importance of self-love and acknowledgment. In these paintings, I aimed to capture the essence of self-worth and empowerment. Each stroke was an affirmation of the beauty and strength within us. It's a reminder that we don't always need external validation to feel valued; sometimes, the most meaningful appreciation comes from within. It's a gentle nudge to prioritize our own well-being and celebrate ourselves, even when others may not fully understand or acknowledge our worth.


                                                                                        Title: Self appreciation Series iv

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Q7. What do you hope for viewers to take away for experiencing your artwork?

I aim to create pieces that serve as conduits for healing, self-love, and the celebration of cultural heritage. Through my art, I aspire to give voice to the silent, to amplify the emotions and experiences that often go unnoticed or unspoken. So ultimately, I want viewers to feel seen, understood, and empowered by engaging with my artwork, fostering a greater sense of empathy, reflection, and appreciation for the diverse tapestry of human experiences.

Q8. Can you describe a moment when you felt the proudest of your artistic achievements?

The proudest moment of my artistic journey came during my second group exhibition. As each artist was called out for recognition, the audience showered us with appreciation and credit for our craft. Witnessing the guests engage with my artwork, wanting to delve deeper into its meaning and technique, filled me with an overwhelming sense of pride. The icing on the cake was when two of my pieces were sold during the exhibition, with another finding a buyer shortly after. It was a moment where the love for my art was palpable, and it affirmed my dedication to my creative path.


                                                                                            Title: Healing series iii

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Q9. What is the role of art education in your own artistic journey?

Art education has been the cornerstone of my artistic journey, acting as both a guiding light and a nurturing force. Through structured learning, I've honed my technical skills, delved deeper into my creative potential, and unearthed new ways of seeing and understanding the world around me. Moreover, it has been instrumental in fostering my personal growth, teaching me resilience, patience, and the importance of self-expression. Beyond the canvas, art education has enhanced my visual learning, sharpening my eye for detail, and expanding my artistic vocabulary.


Loje's captivating blend of semi-abstraction and impasto technique has propelled her to the forefront of the contemporary art scene. Her work offers a unique visual experience, leaving a lasting impression on viewers. With a growing list of accomplishments Loje's artistic journey is only just beginning. We eagerly await to see what captivating creations she unveils next.

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