triBBBal Artists Spotlight: Ben Williams: Crafting a New Visual Language with Conceptual Realism

In the realm of contemporary art, there are artists who challenge norms and transcend the conventional definitions of artistic expression. One such artist who stands at the intersection of tradition and innovation is Ben Williams. In this article, we delve into the mind of Ben Williams and explore the philosophy behind his groundbreaking Conceptual Realism. We discuss the evolution of his artistic journey, from early experiments with abstraction to the emergence of his signature style that captivates audiences worldwide. Through this interview, we gain insights into the artist's inspirations, motivations, and creative process, shedding light on the intricate balance he strikes between conceptual depth and meticulous detail.


Ben Williams, a visionary artist captivates audiences with his unique ability to seamlessly blend the ethereal and the concrete, creating a body of work that challenges our perceptions and invites us to explore the fascinating interplay between imagination and reality. Join us on a journey into the world of Ben Williams, where the boundaries of artistry are pushed to new and captivating heights.

Ben Williams is not your typical artist. His unique style is a fusion of Conceptualism and Realism, two seemingly opposing schools of thought within the art world. While Conceptual Art often emphasizes ideas and concepts over traditional aesthetics, Realism is known for its meticulous representation of the tangible world. Williams, however, skillfully marries these two seemingly contradictory approaches, resulting in artwork that invites viewers to question the very nature of art itself.

Ben employs art as a powerful medium to convey universal emotions and connections and his approach sets his work apart, often featuring female portraits and figures as his principal subjects. Ben Williams' artistic journey has been marked by growth, sustainability, and a profound aspiration to forge a meaningful connection with his audience through his imaginative expressions.


Artist Bio:

Ben Williams is a distinguished visual artist who graduated from the Fine Art Department at Ahmadu Bello University Zaria. His area of expertise lies in painting, and he successfully concluded his academic pursuits in 2009, earning a second-class lower degree. Throughout his artistic journey, Ben's preferences of mediums and colors color have been profoundly influenced by his emotional state and the changing seasons. His favorite medium of expression is pastel, primarily because it is an environmentally friendly option.

As an artist, Ben Williams draws inspiration from a diverse array of mentors, many of whom have left an enduring imprint on his creative journey. He employs art as a medium to convey his personal experiences, which he believes resonates universally with individuals across the globe. What truly distinguishes his artistry is the unique approach he adopts in encapsulating his life encounters, often focusing on female portraits or figures as his main subjects.

Ben Williams' artistic journey is emblematic of continuous growth and evolution, characterized by an unwavering commitment to sustainability and a profound aspiration to forge meaningful connections with his audience through his innovative expressions.



Question and Answer segment with Ben:

Q1. How did your artistic journey begin? What factors influenced your decision to pursue art?

I've been creating art for as long as I can remember. Art has always been my favorite subject in school, but my biggest source of inspiration was my elder brother. He used to create drawings on sheets of paper and proudly display them on his door. I would often copy his drawings and put my spin on them. As I got older, I started drawing images from comic books and cartoon films.     

When I graduated from university, I knew that I would eventually devote my full attention to art. It brought me immense satisfaction, and I thoroughly enjoyed the process of creating it."

Q2. What does your art entail and how would you describe its style?

I take pleasure in conveying my thoughts through the perspective of women, as I believe they exhibit more profound and expressive facial features, which assist me in conveying my ideas effectively. Additionally, I'm a hip-hop music enthusiast, and I occasionally harness my artistic talents to honor these exceptionally gifted artists. While my art predominantly maintains a realistic approach, it often incorporates abstract concepts.

Q3. How do you approach the concept of imagination/abstraction in your artwork? Describe your artistic process and how you bring your creative ideas to life.

I believe that an artist's imagination is their most potent tool, lending their work an authentic and unique quality. How an artist expresses their imagination is what sets them apart from their peers.

I frequently use references as a guide, but I ensure that my imagination takes center stage in providing the essential expression to my art. If an artist merely replicates what a camera captures, the art lacks uniqueness. Sometimes, I encounter an image that sparks an idea, or inspiration strikes me, and I bring that idea to life. At other times, I begin with a blank canvas, and the idea gradually takes shape, often reflecting my innermost emotions and thoughts at that moment.


                                                                                                       Title: Loves Charade

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Q4. Do you have a favorite piece or project that you've worked on? What makes it special to you?

My favorite art piece is titled 'Hov's Demeanor’, which I created during a pivotal moment in my life when I was grappling with significant career decisions and emerging from a creative block. I had lost a lot of confidence in my art, and I questioned the value of creating it. However, this particular painting holds a special place in my heart because it symbolizes confidence and plays a crucial role in my artistic journey. It serves as a reminder of the inner strength I needed to persevere in my creative endeavors.

Q5. Can you describe a moment when you felt the most proud of your artistic achievements?

I have always taken pride in my accomplishments, whether they are small or significant. However, one that truly stands out is my artwork titled 'Hov's Demeanor'. What sets this piece apart is the widespread recognition and appreciation it has garnered, including from my client. I hold a firm conviction that my client should cherish my art with the same level of appreciation as I do.

Q6. Many viewers find a deep emotional connection with your pieces. How do you infuse your personal experiences and emotions into your art?

As humans, we often share many common experiences, even though some of us may keep them hidden while others openly share them with the world. Through my art, I aim to depict the various phases I've personally experienced, recognizing that life is a journey filled with a multitude of events and emotions.

My artwork serves as a medium through which people who have been through or are currently navigating these phases can connect and find resonance.


                                                                                                          Title: Transformation

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Q7. What role do you think art plays in society and what do you hope your art contributes or communicates to the wider world?

I aspire for my art to serve as a voice for the oppressed in society, offering hope to those who may feel hopeless. Additionally, I strongly believe in the importance of granting women a voice in our society, allowing them to actively participate in its development and progress.

Q8. What can we expect to see from you in the coming months in terms of upcoming projects, collaborations, or exhibitions?

I'm thrilled to announce that I will be collaborating with a group of artists in Abuja for an upcoming exhibition titled 'Muster Point.' We will be showcasing some of my works on October 20th.

Q9. Looking ahead, what are your aspirations and goals as an artist?

I'm committed to using my art as a catalyst for positive change in my world, and I'm actively exploring unconventional avenues to achieve this goal. Additionally, I am eager to collaborate with artists on a global scale, believing that together, we can contribute to making the world a better place.


                                                                                                           Title: Nightglow

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Ben Williams, the enigmatic Conceptual and Realism artist, challenges our preconceptions of what art can be. His ability to meld the abstract and the tangible, the conceptual and the realistic, is nothing short of remarkable.

In conclusion, Ben Williams is a gifted and important contemporary artist. His work is conceptually and visually sophisticated, offering viewers a unique perspective on the world. Williams will be a major force in the art world in years to come.


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