triBBBal Artists Spotlight: Justin Fasehun; A Voice in Realism

In this article, we will explore the mesmerizing world of Realism through the eyes and strokes of the incredibly talented artist, Justin Fasehun and delve into the life and work of this contemporary Realism artist, whose stunning creations have been captivating art enthusiasts worldwide.Discover how Justin's journey into the world of art began, from his early influences to his artistic evolution. Explore the meticulous techniques and attention to detail that define his work, allowing viewers to connect with the subjects on an emotional level.Through a vivid narrative, we'll showcase a selection of Justin's most remarkable pieces, each a testament to his unparalleled ability to breathe life into his subjects. Whether it's a portrait that captures every nuance of a human expression or a still life that seems ready to leap off the canvas, Justin's dedication to Realism is truly awe-inspiring.


Justin Fasehun is a Nigerian visual artist who is quickly gaining recognition for his realistic drawings. His work is characterized by its precise attention to detail and its ability to capture the essence of his subjects. Justin's subjects often reflect the social and political realities of contemporary Africa, but he also creates more personal works that explore his own experiences and beliefs.

Justin was born in Ibadan, Nigeria, in 1999. He never received formal art training, but he has learned by studying the work of other artists and by experimenting with different techniques.

Justin's work has been exhibited in several solo and group exhibitions in Nigeria and abroad. He has also won several awards, including the 2022 Creatives Auction Emerging Artist Award.

Justin is a rising star in the world of African art. His work is both technically proficient and thought-provoking, and it offers a fresh perspective on the continent's contemporary reality.


Artist Bio:

Justin Fasehun is a self-taught Nigerian Visual artist. He started practicing art professionally in the year 2017 and since then explored his creativity predominantly using charcoal, graphite, and pastel.

Justin’s work is an ongoing quest for the most accurate interpretation of the beliefs and the world he inhabits. His realistic drawings are not just mere representations of the likeness of a person but a representation of his ideologies. He is inspired by events that unfold around him, photographs, and nature. His detailed lifelike drawings serve as a representation of his ideals. He draws inspiration from the world around him, photography, and the natural world.

In 2022, Justin participated in a group exhibition at the Tunde Odunlade Gallery in Ibadan. Three of his conceptual drawings are published in the Arttells Magazine New York, Fineart March issue, 2023.

The ‘Young Writers Creative Award’ ‘All Varieties Awards’ nominated him as ‘Visual Artist of the Year’ in the years 2020 2021 respectively.



Interview Segment with Justin:

Q1. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background as an artist?

I am a self-taught Nigerian visual artist. I developed a passion for drawing in secondary school, where I would often assist my friends with their biology diagrams and specimens. My interest in art stemmed from my desire to explore my creativity. My mother helped me to nurture this passion by encouraging me and buying me my first set of art supplies. This was a defining moment in my life, as it was the beginning of my journey as an artist. I started practicing art professionally since 2017, and in that time I have explored my creative practice through a variety of mediums, including charcoal, graphite, pastel, and paints.

My work is characterized by its realism and attention to detail. I am drawn to the challenge of capturing the likeness of my subjects, and I am always striving to improve my technical skills.

I am committed to using my art to communicate with others and to make a difference in the world. I believe that art has the power to inspire, challenge, and heal, and I am excited to see what the future holds for my work.

Q2. What does your art entail and how would you describe its style?

My art style is realism. My drawings are not simply representations of the likeness of a person, but they are also a representation of my ideologies and a reflection of my experiences. I use my art to explore the human condition, to examine social and political issues, and to express my own personal beliefs.

Q3. Do you have a favorite piece or project that you've worked on?

My current favorite piece is titled "From Here to Where”. It is my favorite at the moment because it highlights my current struggle as a person and an artist. The concept of the piece is built on how unpredictable and contradictory life can be. The piece asks the essential question of what we seek in times of uncertainty, a question that all humans face at certain points in our lives.


                                                                                                      Title: From Here to Where

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Q4. How did you stay motivated and passionate about your art?

I am motivated by a variety of things, including food, music, and books. I find that I am more productive when I am well-nourished and have something to look forward to, such as a delicious meal or a new song to listen to. I also find that reading helps me to relax and de-stress, which can be helpful in maintaining my motivation.

Q5. Have you ever experienced a major artistic breakthrough or turning point?

I believe the best is yet to come. However, I consider commissions from notable people like Dr. Samuel Babafemi, Bishop Adeniran Oni, Pastor Yomi Ajayi as a breakthrough in my art coupled with a number of exhibitions where I have showcased my work in the past.


                                                                                                                Title: New reality

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Q6. What role do you think art plays in society?

Unarguably, art plays a major role in our society because we experience art every time and everywhere. I double as health personnel so I’d like to specifically highlight the importance of art in the medical field where it is being employed as a form of therapeutic treatment for children and adults.

Q7. How do you feel when someone connects with your artwork on a personal level?

I am usually thrilled that my work resonates with people on an emotional and individual level. This shows that I have created a connection between the viewer and the artwork, which is a great source of fulfillment for me.


                                                                                                        Title: Lost in the rhythm

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Justin's work is a testament to the power of art to connect us with one another. His paintings remind us that we are all human beings, regardless of our differences. They also inspire us to appreciate the beauty of the world around us.

Justin's work has been praised by critics for its technical skill and its emotional depth.

Justin is a talented artist who is making a significant contribution to the world of Realism art. His work is sure to continue to inspire and amaze for many years to come.

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