triBBBal Artist Spotlight: Embracing Diverse Layers of Expression: A Spotlight on Tobiloluwa Olomola's Contemporary Art

This is an article about Tobiloluwa Olomola, a contemporary visual artist. The article explores his unique style, inspirations and the messages behind his work. It describes his art as transcending boundaries, inviting viewers into a world of imagination. Through interviews and visuals, the article promises to give readers a new appreciation for his art.


In the ever-evolving tapestry of contemporary art, Tobiloluwa Olomola emerges as an artist whose work transcends mere visual representation, delving deep into the intricate nuances of human experience. With a keen eye and deft hand, Tobiloluwa's artistry captures the dynamic spectrum of reactions and responses to the flux of internal and external changes. In this article, we explore the compelling journey of an artist whose creations serve as mirrors to the soul, reflecting the profound intricacies of transformation.

With each brushstroke and every carefully curated composition, Tobiloluwa deftly navigates the complexities of the human experience, offering viewers a glimpse into the soul-stirring journey of transformation. Whether through vivid canvases that pulsate with raw emotion or sculptural masterpieces that invite tactile exploration, his art serves as a conduit for introspection, sparking conversations that resonate long after the initial encounter.

Artist Bio:

My name is Tobiloluwa Olomola, and I am a contemporary visual artist specializing in painting. I predominantly work with oil, acrylic, and charcoal on canvas.

My work centers around exploring the intricate interplay between the human mind and its surroundings. Through my art, I aim to capture the dynamic spectrum of reactions and responses to both internal and external changes.

The central theme in my work is the resilience of the human spirit. I believe that true strength often emerges from overcoming challenges. This belief permeates my art, serving as a testament to the enduring nature of the human experience.


The burnt brown and red hues prevalent in my art hold symbolic significance. They represent the profound struggles faced by individuals of African descent on their path to success.


I have had the privilege of exhibiting my artwork in various settings. These include group shows at esteemed venues such as Soto Gallery and Artfair by Ecobank. Additionally, I debuted my solo exhibition at a modeling studio in Lagos in 2020. Furthermore, I have participated in group exhibitions within the academic sphere, notably at Unilorin ArchiFest.

Artistic Evolution:

Throughout my journey as an artist, I have actively participated in art competitions and exhibitions. Continuously striving to create thought-provoking pieces, with a commitment to captivating and inspiring viewers with each new work I produce.


Interview segment with Tobiloluwa:

Q1. Can you share the story behind your artistic journey? What inspired you to pursue art as a career?

I’ve always been drawn to art. As a kid, I found peace in colors and shapes. Painting became my way of expressing feelings I couldn’t put into words. Art became my refuge as I grew up, helping me through tough times and showing me new sides of myself. It was more than just a hobby; it became my passion. Eventually, I decided to take my love for art seriously and pursue it as a career. With every painting, I discovered more about myself and the world around me. Now, as I continue this journey, I’m grateful for the path that led me here. Art isn’t just something I do; it’s who I am.

From childhood, I've had a profound affinity for art. I discovered a sanctuary in the vibrant interplay of colors and shapes. Painting emerged as my medium for articulating emotions that eluded verbal expression. As I matured, art evolved into my refuge, guiding me through adversity and illuminating untapped facets of my identity. It transcended mere pastime, blossoming into an all-consuming passion. Ultimately, I resolved to wholeheartedly embrace my artistic calling and carve a career path from it. Each brushstroke unveiled deeper layers of self-awareness and insights into the surrounding world. Today, as I persist in this journey, I am deeply appreciative of the journey that led me here. Art isn't just an activity—it is the essence of my being.

Q2. What artistic style and techniques do you use in creating your artwork?

As an artist, I primarily employ a mixed media approach, medium oil, charcoal, and acrylic paint on canvas incorporating techniques such as layering, blending, and texturing to evoke depth and emotion in my artwork.

Q3. Can you walk us through your creative process from start to finish?

The Creative Process:

It commences with a surge of inspiration, whether sparked by a fleeting emotion, a vivid memory, or the enchanting splendor of the world around.

Exploration and Conceptualization:

Empowered by inspiration, I embark on a journey of exploration. I collect references, sketch initial concepts, and experiment with diverse compositions. This phase thrives on unbridled imagination, embracing boundless possibilities.

Refinement and Planning:

Upon crystallizing a concept, I transition into refining the ideas and meticulously planning the execution. I sketch out a thorough framework, deliberate on color schemes, and envision the final masterpiece.


Armed with a well-defined plan, I devote myself to bringing the envisioned creation to life..

Final touches:

As the bulk of the work nears completion, I meticulously apply the final touches, infusing vitality into the piece.


                                                                                            Title: Reminiscence

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Q4. Can you share any interesting stories behind specific pieces of artwork?

Certainly! "Purple Life" is a piece that delves into the journey of a young woman facing a significant challenge in her life. The purple hues in the artwork symbolize the emotional turmoil and confusion she experiences during this difficult phase. Through swirling brushstrokes and dynamic composition, the painting captures the intensity of her struggle and the chaos that consumes her mind.

However, amidst the darkness, there are glimmers of hope represented by subtle hints of gold intertwined with the purple tones. These symbolize the realization that there is beauty and growth to be found within adversity.

The story behind "Purple Life" reflects the universal theme of resilience and personal growth in the face of challenges. It speaks to the transformative power of overcoming obstacles and finding inner peace through the process. Through this artwork, viewers are invited to reflect on their struggles and find inspiration in the young woman's journey toward understanding and acceptance.

Q5. How do you hope your art resonates with viewers?

As an artist, my ultimate aspiration is for my art to serve as a bridge between the internal worlds of viewers and the external realm of artistic expression. Through my work, I aim to create pieces that transcend mere aesthetics, reaching into the depths of human emotion and experience. By weaving threads of introspection, empathy, and connection into my work, I hope to provoke thought, stir feelings, and prompt viewers to contemplate their own lives and the world around them.

I strive to capture the essence of the human condition in all its complexity and beauty. I want viewers to see echoes of their journeys, struggles, and triumphs reflected back at them, creating a sense of resonance and understanding. Whether it's a moment of solace, a spark of inspiration, or a shared realization, I hope that my creations foster meaningful connections and dialogue among individuals.

Ultimately, my greatest wish is for my art to become a catalyst for transformation and growth, both on a personal level and within the broader community. I hope that by inviting viewers to delve into the depths of their own experiences and emotions, my work can contribute to a deeper appreciation of human existence and the interconnectedness of all beings.


                                                                                             Title: Better Days

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Q6. What are your thoughts on the relationship between art and spirituality?

From my perspective, art and spirituality are akin to lifelong companions, cutting through the path of existence hand in hand. Engaging in the act of artistic creation evokes a sense of spiritual resonance within me, a pathway for exploration of deeper realms of self and beyond. It resembles a meditative or prayerful state, a quiet moment of reflection where I harmonize with the universe.

Art has an extraordinary capacity to resonate with the soul, evoking profound emotions and prompting contemplation of life's profound inquiries.

Throughout my upbringing, I've witnessed art interwoven into religious rituals and cultural customs, serving as a medium for individuals to express their faith and connect with the divine. For me, it’s less about religion and more about the feeling of connectedness with oneself, with others, and with something greater. Ultimately, the union of art and spirituality is profoundly personal, a quest for significance, an exploration of our innermost world, and a pursuit of connection with the enigmatic aspects of existence.

Q7. Can you describe the role of art education in your artistic journey?

Art education has proven to be indispensable, offering invaluable direction, techniques, and inspiration. It has significantly influenced the development of my skills, artistic style, and self-assurance, nurturing both growth and a profound comprehension of art. Through engaging in art classes, I've delved into various techniques, mediums, and styles, thereby expanding my creative boundaries, and emboldening me to explore new concepts. Moreover, the constructive feedback and mentorship received from both instructors and fellow artists have spurred me to strive for excellence and evolve continuously in my craft as an artist.

Q8. Can you describe any memorable moments of seeing your artwork inspire creativity in others?

One particular instance stands out vividly in my mind. During a planned exhibition at my school, I observed numerous individuals being deeply moved and inspired by the pieces on display. The sense of awe and appreciation emanating from the viewers mirrored my feelings, igniting a profound sense of connection and purpose within me.

Seeing people engage with my artwork, witnessing their emotions, interpretations, and creative sparks ignited by my work, was a deeply fulfilling experience. It reinforced my belief in the power of art to evoke meaningful responses in others. The exchange of energy and emotion between the artist and the audience during that exhibition was palpable, leaving an indelible mark on my artistic journey.

This experience heightened my awareness of the profound impact art can have on individuals and communities. It encouraged me to continue creating with passion and authenticity, knowing that my work has the potential to inspire, provoke thought, and foster connection among diverse audiences. It's moments like these that reaffirm my dedication to the transformative power of art and fuel my creative endeavors.


Title: Golden Scar

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Tobiloluwa Olomola's artistic journey is one of captivating exploration. His visual art has garnered a well-deserved spotlight, and his future promises continued innovation and a unique perspective on the world. With a keen eye and a creative spirit, Tobiloluwa is sure to leave a lasting mark on the contemporary art scene. Stay tuned to see what this rising talent creates next.

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